SafeCheck MP2-L Double Sensor

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Plug and play system & user friendly

SafeCheck walkthrough body temperature detector is a non-contact infrared technology. Its temperature sensing system is efficient (70 people/minute), robust and durable. The environmental temperature does not affect the screening accuracy.

It is the only device of its kind that could be used indoors or outdoors as long as it is covered with a tent or a canopy. The outdoor temperature could be anywhere from 60°F to 95°F while still providing an accurate reading with an error margin of 0.54°F.

SafeCheck is user friendly and does not require any maintenance or calibration.

It solves the problem of screening high crowded areas while reducing the spread of viruses. 

Non-contact detection mode

1″ to 3″ detection distance

Visual and sound alarms

for abnormal temperature

Accurate infrared technology

0.54°F error margin

Accounts for abnormal temperature

Real-time display

Harmless to the human body

Additional information

Temperature Display

Real-time, Show in the LED Digital Display

Infrared Detector Height

The detector height for the MP2 -L double sensor = 5’ and 3’ screens 3 years old and up

Alarming and Accounting

≥ 100.4°F

Non contact Detection & Position

1 to 3 inches / Forehead and Wrist

Temperature Detection Precision

± 0.54°F (0.3°C)

Passing Rate

70 people/minute

Alarming Zero Out


Modular Design

10 minutes fast installation

Vertical Dimension

2200(H) x 870(W) x 400(D) mm
7’ 2.6’’(H) x 2’ 3’.3’’(W) x 1’ 3.7’’(D)

Vertical Channel Size

2000(H) x 710(W) mm
6’ 6.74’’(H) x 3’.7’’ (W)

Panel Material

Fireproofing PVC


CE approved, ISO 14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001

Carton Box Dimension Size

7’ 6.55’’ x 1’0.9’’ x 1’ 6.11’’


0.066LB / 77.16 LB

Working environment temperature


Relative Humidity

≤ 90% (RH)

Working Voltage

AC100-240, 50~60 Hz


Train Station, School, Hospital, Office Building, Plant, University, Corporate, Court House….


12 months